Don’t Show A Woman Your Insecurities

25 06 2009

One huge mistake that guys make upon approaching a woman is to right away ask things like “what’s your name” or “what do you do”? This is natural because it’s one of the easiest things to ask but it’s not a good idea for a few reasons. First of all – it’s what every other guy says to her. Secondly, it telegraphs too much interest in her. Thirdly, it’s not fun or playful – in fact it’s boring. I try to never ask a girls name right away – or any of the basic questions.

You want to get a woman feeling some attraction toward you first before asking these kinds of questions. You don’t want her to think you care that much at first. By asking her these questions you’re saying that you care too much. You’re supposed to be out having fun, and being fun… who cares what she does. Think about it – what her name is and what she does have nothing to do with being in the moment and having fun. In order to have fun at that moment, you don’t need that information. Only worry about information that furthers having a good time during initial meeting. If you want to find out what she does – the best way is to look at the way she dresses or carries herself and say… you look like an accountant, or – you look like you work with kids. This will get her to tell you what she does without you having to ask. In the first 5 minutes especially – you never want to do anything that makes it seem like you’re blatantly hitting on her. As soon as you do this – her natural defense mechanisms kick in.




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