31 05 2009

Description: Identify and illustrate one process you have used to deal with a specific problem or difficult situation(s) in your life. In other words, explain your process for resolving a specific problem.
It is fact that life is not a bed of roses, nor it is an unending series of misfortunes. There comes a lot of troubles in the life, every man has to go through a continuous process of evolution. He has to accept responsibilities, face challenges and make appropriate responses.
In our lives, something we feel that we can solve the problem we encountered. But there comes the time when we feel some problem too much difficult and it leaves us with the thinking that we could not solve that problem. The is the situation we have to deal with.
In my life, I have also faced many situations that made me sad or unhappy. At this moment, I am not going to entail all the worries or troubles, that have came in my life rather I am here to describe the solution or process that I have used in my life most of the time, whenever I had faced problems. Generally, I always used to adopt the only process to deal with any problem in my life i.e. to pray Allah and then believe in Him that surely he would solve all of my problems completely. And this process always worked for me.
Let me describe here the specific problem, I have encountered in my academic career. I am a fresh graduate and by the Grace of Allah, I have always been a successful and position holder student. I never felt impossible any query or assignment related to my studies. But there came the situations when some of my subjects could not be finished or closed until semester ended due to extra holidays or other reasons. So, like other students it was a terrible condition for me also because I had to do extra studies for those subjects. So I worked hard because I had to be successful at any cost. Then after doing complete preparation for those subjects, I used the same process i.e. I made prayer to Allah and then believe that definitely Allah would help me. And like in all the situations, Allah blessed me with success in this situation also.
So, in my point of view nothing is impossible in this world. It is natural that we feel sad over a loss, become unhappy over a failure. There is nothing unnatural about these feelings. They should not make us see life as a painful and unbearable burden. Nor should we be ashamed of these feelings. It is the part of life and life certainly has a purpose to help us realize the possibilities innate in ourselves.
Finally, the only thing that leads us to a successful life is the usage of a particular process which is in my perspective is to pray Allah whole heartedly not just in troubles but at all the times and then must believe in Him that He would definitely help us and solve all of our problems.




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